Niteworks herbalife 150 g

EAN code : 3150, Vitamins

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Niteworks herbalife 150 g, code 3150
Niteworks Herbalife 150 g

EAN-13 code :

EAN code 3150, code barre Niteworks herbalife 150 g

The product has the EAN code 3150, it is called Vitamins, Niteworks of the brand herbalife, it is distributed with a quantity of 150 g. It contains 1 additives the details of which can be found below.

This product can be assigned to the following categories: en:Canned foods, en:Dietary supplements, en:Vitamins.

Nutritional values :

Nutritional values
Nutrition Facts
Serving size
Amount per serving
% Daily values *
Fat 0.0 g0 %
Saturated Fat 0.0 g0 %
Vitamin E 20.0 mg167 %
Vitamin C 100.0 mg125 %

Nutritional Scores

Not enough data to generate a nutritional report.

Highly processed foods

Nova score 4 : Highly processed foods

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How many calories in the product Niteworks ?

Each 100g portion of the product "Niteworks herbalife 150 g" contains kcal ( KJ). The pie chart below shows the calorie distribution of the product according to the type of nutrients.
Calorie distribution by fat, protein and carbohydrates for the product Niteworks herbalife 150 g

Ingredients, composition

Food composition

Ingredients :

a referenini výživové hodnoty referenčné výživové hodnoty ai om složen: larginin, látka zvýrazňující chuť (kyselina citrónová), maltodextrin, aroma, l-taurin, l-citrulin, askorbát vápenatý, dl-alfa tbkoferol acetat, sladidlo (sukralóza), extrakt z medunky (melisa ffinalis l, 0,4 %), kyselina pteroylmonoglutamová, protispékav látka oxid křemičitý

List of product ingredients Niteworks herbalife 150 g

Should not contain palm oil.

Gluten free

Additives :

AdditivesAdditive NameToxicity
E955 Sucralose

Allergens :

No allergens noted by contributors, check ingredients if available.

Presence of possible traces of :

No traces of allergens found by contributors, check ingredients if available.

EAN code 3150

The EAN code 3150 corresponds to the product Niteworks described above.

EAN code 3150, Niteworks herbalife 150 g
EAN : 3150

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